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Veeva OrgWiki

Employee directory and org chart

OrgWiki delivers a social employee directory that transforms how employees connect, communicate and engage with each other. They help IT organizations provide employees with a unique company-wide perspective of their workplace, leveraging your existing communication and collaboration apps.

What we did

The OrgWiki product team wanted to give the product a much needed refresh. Most of the original product was designed in-house without much professional design help. We helped OrgWiki achieve that goal along with helping the team make a large list of product enhancements. The redesign also focused on making the user interface easier to customize and rebrand to best fit the needs of their customers.

Before and after

Drag the slider to view before and after states.

The outcome

The design engagement met all 3 key goals as set by the product team. The first goal was to modernize the application, both feature as well as experience wise. The second goal was to create a cohesive experience across mobile and desktop versions of the product. Last but not the least, the third goal was to make the interface highly customizable to enable rebranding the product to match the customer’s brand guidelines.


One of the key requirement from the product team was to make sure that the interfaces could be easily re-branded to meet customer brand requirements by tweaking only a handful of style elements. Shown are a few brand variations we created to illustrate that the new designs can be re-branded easily.

OrgWiki mobile

Login experience

Company newsfeed

Private and public groups

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