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Mobile based contact and org chart manager

An extremely simple and elegant mobile based org chart product that is ideal for small to medium sized businesses and interest groups. Unfold reflects the Freshdesign philosophy in building software products. It has everything that our customers would need and nothing more.

What we did

Unfold is a Freshdesign Labs product. We are moving into the direction of making and releasing our own app. Unfold is one of the early products we created. A few more are in the works at this point. Unfold, primarily aims at creating a better contact list app that is simple and yet has the necessary features an organization wants including a hierarchy view of all the employees.

Why Unfold?

Say goodbye to homegrown org charts. Homegrown org charts are always out of date and difficult to maintain. Unfold is always accurate and readily available.

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Core Features

Be in the know and post updates using the newsfeed

Add your teammates to your list of favorites

Browse and search for other members by name or title

Easily traverse through the mobile friendly org chart