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NextPlane nCore

Team hub for internal and external collaborations

nCore is a universal team hub service that enables your team to easily communicate from any platform or device, such as Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business Server, Slack, and Webex Teams. It also helps you connect with over 500,000 professionals from Global 5000 companies.

What we did

We redesigned both the end user facing product, the administration console as well as an iOS mobile app for the company. The overall goal of the project was to make the product more consumer friendly and increase usability. We worked closely with the product team in the San Francisco Bay Area and also effectively collaborated with the company’s remote development team.

The outcome

The redesigned product was simpler to use than it’s predecessor. We made a lot of simplifying assumptions to reduce complexity of both user flows as well as the interfaces. The end user experience is seamless and well connected across the desktop and the mobile clients. We also made significant impact on the administration module of the product.

nCore mobile

Recent messages from other users and bots.

Active chat session with another user in progress.

Contact details view with available actions shown.

Take and share photos with other users.