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Digital workplace

MangoApps is the hub of any digital workplace. They provide tools like enterprise social networking, modern Intranet, team collaboration & employee engagement software while integrating with existing enterprise systems so employees have access to everything they need in one place. MangoApps wanted us to solve a not so unique problem – Help increase their trial to paid conversion.

What we did

We conducted a detailed product walkthrough and found out that the product was too complex to understand and learn, although it had all the right features. Complexity affected user’s ability to learn the product before the end of the trial period and this was affecting conversion. Our new design used a lot of common social media paradigms, which reduced learning curve. We also enabled their in-house design team to take over from where we left off by giving them user interface templates and a styleguide.

Before and after

Drag the slider to view before and after states.

The outcome

The key goal for the re-design exercise was to improve trail to paid user conversion. The improved experience was simpler and easier to learn. This helped users fully evaluate the product and get a clear understanding of it’s features and capabilities and make informed purchase decisions. Most of the work went towards simplifying the first-time use experience.