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Investment lifecycle management

Mercatus serves the unique needs of renewable energy developers and asset owners. Their Energy Investment Lifecycle Management (ILM) platform automates the full asset investment lifecycle enabling energy companies to grow their portfolio faster while lowering their risk profile.

What we did

We helped design the Mercatus product from the ground up. The design engagement involved seamlessly integrating with their product team, conduct weekly meetings to identify opportunities and delivering design on a quick turn around. The designs were responsive to work best on a desktop or a tablet, but scaled down to accommodate mobile form factor. We also helped design the Mercatus iOS app.

Before and after

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The process

The Mercatus product domain is quite complex, similar to most enterprise-grade products. First task was to gain a solid understanding of the product domain. We conducted twice a week calls initially and lowered the frequency to once a week later on. The design process involved, identifying a user journey we wanted to improve, discuss in detail with the product team and then iteratively design the experience while incorporating feedback from the product team and customers.

The outcome

The end result was a cohesive suite of products that had both web and mobile components. User experience was consistent across both mobile and web platforms. We replaced a lot of one-off interactions designs with common, industry standard design patterns, which significantly improved learning.

Mercatus mobile

Login experience

First time use

Mobile dashboard

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