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Crafting meaningful software experiences

Bentley Systems SYNCHRO mobile app

We collaborated with Bentley Systems to enhance their SYNCHRO suite of products, with a key focus on the mobile app. The original app was a transition from the desktop version and didn’t fully meet users’ needs on the go. Our team revamped the app, prioritizing user experience enhancements and optimizing it for mobile functionality.

Bentley Systems SYNCHRO web app

We also played a pivotal role in enhancing Bentley Systems’ SYNCHRO web app. We focused on refining essential user flows to enhance usability, introducing exciting new features, and revitalizing their design system for a more contemporary feel. This resulted in a fresh and modern look for the app, ensuring it aligns perfectly with current trends and user expectations.

Intuit connections experience

Enhancing bank connections is crucial for Intuit’s success. We partnered with the Intuit Financial Data Platform team to streamline and document essential connection workflows. These flows vary based on account type and financial institution. Ensuring a seamless user experience across all scenarios was our top priority.

NextPlane nCore collaboration app

nCore is a versatile team hub service empowering seamless communication across all platforms and devices, including Microsoft Teams, Skype, and Slack. With high client expectations mirroring industry-leading tools, we undertook a redesign of the nCore app, maintaining its simplicity while enhancing user experience.

Veeva OrgWiki employee intranet app

OrgWiki provides a social employee directory that helps employees connect, communicate, and engage with one another. Initially developed in-house without sufficient design oversight, we stepped in to elevate the product to the standards of leading social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. This enhancement not only boosted user adoption but also enriched the overall experience.

Liaison ALLOY product vision

ALLOY is an innovative cloud platform engineered to address integration and data management challenges. While a highly technical and intricate product, its user experience required revitalization. Collaborating closely with the ALLOY product team, we embarked on envisioning the future state of the ALLOY product, injecting it with renewed vitality and user-centric design.

Adobe roadmap app

We collaborated with Adobe to develop a cutting-edge internal tool tailored for tracking progress across product releases. The design features a streamlined dashboard catered to company executives, along with a robust project management module designed primarily for project management organization members.

Unfold org chart mobile app

Unfold is an exclusive mobile org chart application tailored for small to medium-sized businesses. With a focus solely on mobile functionality, every aspect of the product was meticulously crafted within the mobile app. We spearheaded the design process from inception, infusing the product with a modern aesthetic and exceptional usability.

HP sales incentive mobile app

What originated as a basic request to develop a web form for capturing internal sales referrals blossomed into an innovative mobile app that surpassed expectations. Leveraging gamification concepts, we enhanced the user experience, making it more engaging and compelling. The solution not only facilitated cross-selling of HPE products but also simplified commission tracking, offering sales professionals an intuitive and enjoyable process.