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A single tap to keep you on your hydration track

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Do you worry if you are drinking enough water everyday?

Most people understand the importance of managing their water intake, but due to busy lifestyles, we often forget or push it to the back burner to give attention to other more important tasks of the day. One day of not enough water consumption, quickly can turn into a week, a month and then you find yourself in an unhealthy pattern year after year. The long term effects of dehydration can slowly cause damage to your health and in some cases, even be life threatening if it goes on long enough.

We created Water Watcher to help you maintain the right amounts of water you are drinking on a daily basis. It takes the worry out of such a basic biological necessity needed for good health and longevity. We had all this in mind when we created Water Watcher as being the simplest and easiest app to use on the market.

Single right or left handed manipulation, to log your water intake.

Enter your water intake by selecting the amount of water you have consumed.

Log water intake directly from the notification, without opening the app.

Check daily water intake against your goals. Easy to use settings.