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Sales & Marketing Enablement

So You’ve got a slick Product. How slick is your sales demo? Great User Experience should not stop at your product. The first thing that most of your prospective customers experience is often your website, sales demo and other marketing collaterals. We put our brilliant UX design skills to work to create compelling sales and marketing tools that capture that initial interest with your prospective customers, resulting in more sales.

Benefits of a great sales demo

Use case focused

A prospective customer cares the most about how your product addresses their key use cases.

Captivate viewers

Visually appealing marketing materials leaves a lasting memory in the minds of your audience.

Saves time

A great demo saves your time by eliminating the need for switching between disparate documents.

Easy to train

A well designed demo reduces training time and helps your sales team get productive faster.

Salient features of our demo framework

(Fictitious samples shown. These are not real client artifacts)

Everything in one place

No more switching between different files and documents during a demo. Add all necessary content to the dock. Keep the dock collapsed when not needed.

Easier to demonstrate features

Easily walk your prospective customers through the user flows of your product without having to fill in forms or wait for server responses. No need to set up demo environments or entering demo data again.

Elegant infographics

Create unforgettable infographics that communicate your data and messages clearly and elegantly to your prospective customers.

Visually rich slides

Professionally created, attractive and memorable slides for your talking points that fits in with your company’s brand values.