Our Services

We help discover hidden growth opportunities

Using proven methods, we can help validate your ideas, designs with a clear understanding of your target audience and execute the designs to create the final product.


Understand the expectations of your target audience. Devise a design strategy. Make sure what you build is exactly what your users needs.


Using user centric design methodology, we will deliver user experience design solutions that are intuitive, elegant and exceeds your user’s expectations.


Design execution is equally important as strategy and design. We get down to pixels to ensure designs are implemented with great accuracy.

Practice Areas

Interaction Design

Core Interaction Design is our speciality and is the most important part of User Experience Design. Interaction Design is all about optimizing the user’s task flows and information architecture to help them complete their job quickly and efficiently.

Visual Design

Looks do matter. Visual aesthetics has an immense influence on first impressions. Let our expert visual designers craft a distinct, delightful and modern appearance that will help your software stands out from the competition.

UX Audits

A late cycle UX audit is a great way of ensuring great user experience before your product gets released. You will be amazed by the massive boost in User Experience that a quick UX audit and fixing a few low hanging UX issues can bring.

Usability Testing

Writing code is expensive. Marketing a software product is even more expensive. We can help you validate your assumptions early on through proven means to make sure that you are meeting the needs of your target audience.


Prototypes spark engagement. Sometimes that’s what it takes to start a conversation, gain momentum or kick start a product initiative. We can help you build low fidelity prototypes, production quality prototypes or anything in between.

UI Development

Get designs implemented to spec. When we implement our own designs, we make sure that the front-end code looks pixel perfect, have a high level of adherence to the final design and are compatible with various browsers and platforms.